Marco Hidalgo, photographer, visual artist, traveller and educator

I have been a freelance photographer since 1987 after finishing my degree in Graphic Design and Art History. The image making journey began as an obsession to explore and find the intricacies of light and shadow, understanding to complexities of colour and shape and experimenting with colour and monochrome images alike. Commercial photography came first in my career, servicing international clients of all types; editorial photography came later and became a medium in which more flexibility and freedom of expression could be achieved. In latter years I have been lecturing photography at South Seas Film & Television School where I held the position of Photorgaphy Department Course Director from 2009-2016.
My passion for travel has taken me on extensive journeys around the world, my editors quickly picked up on the opportunity and requested me to write alongside my photography; before I knew it, I had already published over one hundred and sixty travel articles. Over the years a fine collection of photographs built up, some of them are now becoming a testament of the past whilst others are a fresh reminder of this amazing world we live in. Some of these images are presented in the Fine Art gallery section and are available as prints; I’ve realised that creating these galleries will be an ever evolving process, it is to be understood that condensing and selecting images from seven continents and three decades of work will take time, nevertheless these are the first installments of this journey. Please feel very welcome to visit the gallery and enjoy!

“The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have.”

Reinhold Messner