“Frozen Frontier 2018"

Photography group to Antarctica 24 February 2018

Yes! We are going to Antarctica! I am organising a small and select group of people passionate about photography and passionate about the most amazing landscapes in the entire world!
I could make a list of the places I’ve been as a photographer but that would just take too long, lets just say that and I am confident to say Antarctica is a photographer’s paradise. On this expedition I will be tutoring one on one right on the spot! Can’t get any better than this. Antarctica bookings need to be done early, the boats fill up quite quickly. It is an urban myth that last minute bookings may have heavy discounts because the boats aren’t full, this doesn’t happen on Antarctica expeditions anymore. So why go now? simply because we don’t know if any of this will be possible in the future. Restrictions on visitor numbers may be the first thing that may impact on travelling to Antarctica. So grab your camera and start preparing for this amazing opportunity; don’t know exactly what to take? Or where to begin? I will be helping those participating in this journey with pre-departure assistance. Contact me for further information.

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